What is Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd ?

Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd is a managed service offering, providing Business Directories that contain information about your organization, including all your resources. As a managed offering, Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd is designed to reduce management tasks, thereby allowing you to focus more of your time and resources on your business. There is no need to build out your own complex, highly-available directory topology because each directory is deployed across multiple availability zones, and monitoring automatically detects and replaces domain controllers that fail. In addition, data replication and automated daily snapshots are configured for you.

What can I do with Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd ?

Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd makes it easy for you to setup and run directories in the Adbiz cloud, or connect your AdBiz resources with an existing on-premise Microsoft Active Directory. Once your directory is created, you can use it to manage users and groups, provide single sign-up to applications and services. Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd enables your end users to use their existing corporate credentials when accessing AdBiz web space, such as AdBiz Wall, AdBiz Business and AdBiz offers. Finally, you can use your existing corporate credentials to administer AdBiz resources via AdBiz Identity and Access Management (AIAM) role-based access to the AdBiz Management Console, so you do not need to build out more identity federation infrastructure.

How do I create a directory?

You can use the Adbiz Management Console or the API to create a directory. All you need to provide is some basic information such as Business place HD photographs, visiting card, working hours mandatorily, offers and promotions and redeemable coupons, whichever applicable for your directory, Administrator account name and password, and the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you want the directory to be attached to.

Are APIs supported for Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd ?

Soon we will be launching our Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd android and IOS based mobile applications.
Functionality: Public APIs are supported for creating and managing directories. You can now programmatically manage directories using public APIs.

Can I receive notifications when the status of my directory changes?

Yes. You can configure Adbiz Notification Service (ANS) to receive email and text messages when the status of your Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd changes. Adbiz ANS uses topics to collect and distribute messages to subscribers. When Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd detects a change in your directory’s status, it will publish a message to the associated topic, which is then sent to topic subscribers.

How much does Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd cost?

Please see our membership levels for more information.

Can I tag my directory?

Yes. Adbiz Directory Services Pvt.Ltd supports location, offers & promotions, cost allocation tagging. Tags make it easier for you to allocate costs and optimize spending by categorizing and grouping AdBiz resources. For example, you can use tags to group resources by administrator, application name, cost centre, or a specific project.