X-Pulse Battery

Revolution in Battery Management

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X-Pulse Battery is a revolution in the filed of battery management. Our product are built to deliver the highest performance for all kinds of vehicles which ultimately extends battery life up to 5 years. Let's understand a bit of concept behind the decaying of batteries. Sulphation is the main cause of any battery failure. It results to the formation of hard-layered insulating sulphate crystals on the battery plates and causes specific gravity of the electrolyte drop. This finally results to a dead battery. X Pulse dissolves sulphur back in to the electrolyte and extends the battery life by 5 long years & also rejuvenates weaker batteries. It is a wonder product guaranteed to root out sulphation. Hence battery plates do not corrode resulting an unbelievably life of the batteries. Advantages of X Pulse:

  • Keeps batteries in new condition
  • Prevents possible problems with vehicle equipment
  • Prevents battery's premature death
  • Extends battery life up to 5 years
  • Reduces battery charging time
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