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Well a perfect cup of hot beverage with your partner or friend alongside, is the best way to start, go through or end your day. We have become the first choice of thousands as serve some delicious snacks, tea, coffees and more at a very prominent location in the city of Bardoli. Moreover, we have got a lot of tasty food items to answer your hunger cravings,
Some of which include heavenly sandwiches, pizzas, dry snacks, etc.

Also with our newly introduced dinner options, we have won the hearts of many. Tea spot is the perfect place to hang out, chill and relax. We got a friendly environment and are also pocket-friendly.  Do stop by and give us a chance to serve you a refreshing cup chai alongside a dish of some tasty snacks.

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  • ARUN28 Dec 2019

    I am Very likely continue doing business with you, very satisfied with your products, You are satisfying my need with your Very good , A great deal your business meets my needs. overall Extremely well your business meetyour needs.