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Radhika Ice Cream, based in Purana Ritto Bypass, Chittorgarh, is a beloved brand of ice cream known for its delightful ice creams and other products. Our menu consists of Cone Ice Cream, Candies, Cup, Combo Pack, Juices, Milkshakes, Fruit Ice Cream, Special Flavors, Special Shakes, Sundae, etc. Our menu is home to more than two hundrer flavors for you to choose from and cater to all your crevings. All of our offerings are prepared from fresh raw ingredients of the finest quality. Our mouth watering ice cream is sure to turn your bad days into good days and your good days into even better days. We are known among our patrons for our diverse flavours and prompt service. If you are an Ice Cream Lover, then Radhika Ice Cream is, undoubtedly, your place to be.

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