Omkar Battery Inverter & Solar System

Solar made simple.

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Omkar Battery Inverter & Solar System is located in Kamrej Gam, Surat. Most of the places today in the world are polluted with man-made machines and activities that we indulge in. In such a scenario we at Omkar Battery Inverter and Solar System provide series of solar products like a solar geyser, solar inverter, solar panels, solar street lights, etc. Our products come with a set of advantages which are both beneficial for buyers and the environment. Get in touch with us today to do good for yourself and the environment too.

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  • kalpesramani28 Sep 2021

    I am Very likely continue doing business with you, very satisfied with your products, You are satisfying my need with your Very good , A great deal your business meets my needs. overall Very well your business meetyour needs.