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Love Art StudioLove Art Studio is a top-player in the category of photography and videography. Mr. Love Kumar Salvi is an experienced photographer. The studio is well-known for its dynamic art photography which includes photography and videography for various events and functions like wedding, engagement, parties and many more. The studiois situated at Fort Chittorgarh is known for its quality service and this helped the studio to garner a vast base of happy customers. Love art studio also provides service for outdoor photographywhich consists of taking the photos at the desired and preferred location for the ultimate guide to nature, travel, adventure, etc, it is done for the remarkable photos. Also, we provide service for designing work and photo album bookwork for every occasion and we also make a personalized photo album to cater to the varied requirement of the customers.It is a one-stop destination and known to provide top service in the following categories: Wedding photography,professional videography,event photography, event videography, photo album book.

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