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Krishna Enterprise at Gatkopar, west Mumbai, Maharashtra is an all India Distributor of organic foods.We have a wide range of organic and healthy products and we have been successfully doing this business from last 1.5 years.Our belief that customer is as important as a product has helped us gauge vast base of customers. We are well-known distributor of organic foods which includes: organic spices like turmeric powder, chilli powder,etc, all kinds of masala's like organic garam masala powder,rasam powder, etc, Hot beverages, all the types of dal which consist of chana dal,moong dal, etc. We also provide polished rice, unpolished rice/ brown rice, organic basmati rice, and many other varieties of rice. Other products we serve are: tomato sauces, Pasta's, Flour's of all type,Oil's of various brands, Instant food, organic chayanprash. We also have sweeter products like honey, sugar, etc, and Pukka teaof various flavours.We are always ready to serve our customers in every way we can. Krishna Enterprise is a well-known brand with name Be Organic establishment in the category of organic food distributors.

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