Choudhary Sweets And Saras Parlour

Rishton Ki Mithas Apno Ke Saath.

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Sweets are something which can make all of us feel good and smile even in sad times. We at Chaudhary Sweets and Saras Parlour are an experienced sweet store and diary from over two decades. With over 20 long years of experience of making sweets and dairy we are skilled to deliver the perfect recipe.
Our experienced staff know how to get you the perfect Bengali sweets, pakija, malai chamcham, Kaju katri, makhaan malai bhujiya, gol matol rasgulla and a lot more than you can imagine. We are located in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan and you can reach out to us if you have got a sweet tooth or you are hosting a party or gathering.

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